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Doctor Assaulted by Patient’s Relative Accepts Public Apology

Dr. Nelson Udeme, a medical practitioner, has acknowledged a public apology from a relative of a deceased patient after being assaulted and threatened with death. The apology, issued by Oludaisi Tajudeen and published in a national daily, surfaced online, expressing remorse for Tajudeen’s emotional outburst following the loss of his mother at the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan.

In the letter addressed to the hospital’s Chief Medical Director, Tajudeen sought forgiveness from Dr. Udeme and the hospital management, withdrawing any verbal threats made. Dr. Udeme, known as @_Pgenius on social media, emphasized the importance of recognizing doctors’ humanity and the impact of emotional distress on their mental health.

Expressing gratitude for support received and intervention from medical associations, Dr. Udeme stated reconciliation with the assailant and hoped for an end to such incidents in the future.

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