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Notorious motorcycle snatcher arrested in Ekiti

Bernard Shadrach, a notorious motorcycle thief, was apprehended by the Oye Divisional Police Headquarters in conjunction with residents of Trinity Hostel along Egbe Road, Oye-Ekiti. Shadrach was caught red-handed attempting to steal a motorcycle from a commercial rider.

According to DSP Abutu Sunday, the Police Public Relations Officer, Shadrach and his accomplice specialized in snatching motorcycles from unsuspecting motorcyclists in Oye-Ekiti. Their criminal activities were halted on April 25, 2024, when they posed as passengers heading to Trinity Hostel along Egbe Road.

During the journey, Shadrach and his accomplice attacked the motorcyclist with dry ground pepper and a hammer, demanding him to stop. However, the motorcyclist, with the help of passersby, managed to subdue Shadrach while his partner escaped.

Further investigation revealed that Shadrach was involved in previous motorcycle thefts reported by two commercial motorcycle riders at the Oye Ekiti Police Headquarters on April 2 and April 22.

Shadrach confessed to the crimes and implicated his fleeing accomplice as the leader of their illegal operation. He disclosed that they had relocated from Benin City, Edo State, and commenced their illicit activities in November 2023.

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