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NLC stakeholders convene amid leadership crisis in Labour Party

Stakeholders of the Nigeria Labour Congress are set to convene today to address the ongoing leadership crisis within the Labour Party and the potential reinstatement of Julius Abure as the party’s National Chairman. It’s been reported that unionists are proposing the formation of a caretaker committee to assume control of the opposition party.

Invitations have been sent out to relevant stakeholders and members of the NLC Political Commission for a meeting scheduled tomorrow (Monday) in Abuja. This gathering could determine Abure’s fate, as there are plans to establish a caretaker committee to take over the party’s leadership.

This development follows a recent failed attempt by the party’s Board of Trustees to remove Abure from power. Additionally, a group of retired workers, represented by the Lagos Assembly of Labour Veterans and Trade Unionists, recently protested, demanding Abure’s immediate resignation. They also criticized NLC President Joe Ajaero for his handling of the party’s leadership struggle.

Efforts to obtain a response from NLC spokesman Benson Upah were unsuccessful, as calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages went unanswered. Shortly after news of the NLC invitation spread, the Labour Party’s leadership denounced the planned meeting, calling it an “illegal jamboree” organized by “drama boys.”

In a statement titled “Proposed NLC Stakeholders meeting a jamboree by drama boys, illegal and outcome a nullity,” National Publicity Secretary Obiora Ifoh urged law enforcement agencies to intervene and prevent the gathering, warning of potential public disruption.

Ifoh emphasized that the Labour Party did not authorize the meeting and urged genuine party members to disregard it. He criticized the NLC for prioritizing this meeting over pressing issues, such as the recent 300% increase in electricity tariffs, and called for law enforcement agencies to take action to prevent potential disturbances.

“We are calling on the law enforcement agencies to rise to the occasion and abort this gathering which may likely degenerate into a public nuisance. NLC does not have any proprietary right over the Labour Party and, therefore, cannot continue to lay claim to its ownership,” Ifoh stated.

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