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Kogi blames transporters for delayed arrival of FG palliatives

The Kogi State government has provided a detailed explanation for the delay in distributing the Federal Government’s palliatives within the state. According to Alhaji Mouktar Atimah, the Executive Secretary of the Kogi State Emergency Management Agency, the delay is primarily due to the state not receiving the full allocation of palliative items from the Federal Government.

Atimah clarified that while the state has received approximately 95% of the palliative items through the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the remaining 5% has yet to be delivered. He pointed out that the delay is not within the state’s control but is instead caused by issues with the transporters engaged by the Federal Government to deliver the items.

The Executive Secretary emphasized that this delay has had a significant impact on the state government’s strategic and timely distribution plan for the palliatives. Governor Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo, recognizing the economic hardships faced by the people, would have preferred to distribute the food items promptly if they had been delivered as expected.

Atimah expressed hope that the remaining food items would be fully received soon, allowing for the distribution to vulnerable populations across the state. Additionally, he acknowledged the patience, resilience, and cooperation of the citizens of Kogi State during this challenging time.

In summary, the delay in distributing the palliatives in Kogi State is attributed to the state’s incomplete receipt of the allocated items from the Federal Government, with issues arising from the transporters causing disruptions to the distribution process.

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