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Deadly Explosion in Borno: Suspected ISWAP IED Blast claims lives

Following an incident on the Baga-Kukawa Road in Borno State’s Kukawa Local Government Area, where a commercial vehicle reportedly struck an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) believed to have been planted by ISWAP terrorists, concerns arise as at least 16 individuals are feared dead, with 20 others injured.

Initial reports from military intelligence sources, relayed by counter-insurgency expert and security analyst Zagazola Makama, suggested 10 fatalities. However, subsequent information indicates that the death toll could be higher, reaching 16.

Lt. Col. Ajemusu Jingina, spokesperson for the 7 Division, refrained from commenting on the incident, citing the jurisdiction of the Multi-National Joint Task Force headquartered in Ndjamena, Chad Republic.

Resident Bukar Wakil from Baga recounted the tragedy, indicating that the IED, possibly intended for military vehicles, instead struck a passing commercial vehicle, resulting in the loss of approximately 16 lives and injuring around 20 others, primarily bystanders.

Expressing alarm over the resurgence of ISWAP attacks in the Lake Chad basin, Maiduguri-based security expert Abdullahi Abubakar emphasized three contributing factors: Nigerian troops’ claims of Boko Haram’s degradation, ISWAP’s aggressive expansion into the Chad basin, and the group’s determination to demonstrate resilience against the Nigerian military. Abubakar cautioned that until ISWAP is fully eliminated, the region may continue to experience sporadic attacks, particularly in northern Borno.

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