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Anti-party: PDP state chairmen compile errant chieftains’ list

The state chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory have announced their intention to submit the names of prominent individuals allegedly involved in anti-party activities during the 2023 elections.

Following the presidential election in 2023, several party members have sought sanctions against specific individuals believed to have acted against the party’s interests. In a recent meeting between the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) and state chairmen in Abuja, the PDP National Organising Secretary, Umar Bature, underscored the importance of identifying and addressing individuals engaged in anti-party actions.

In response, the Chairman of Chairmen of the PDP and Kaduna State Chairman, Felix Hyat, revealed that the state chairmen have the backing of the NWC to discipline certain individuals at the state level, adhering to the party’s constitution. In an exclusive interview, Hyat emphasized that state chapters will also prioritize reconciliation efforts when necessary.

Hyat explained, “Disciplinary actions and addressing anti-party activities are matters that are handled at the local level; it’s not solely directed from the national level. However, this doesn’t preclude state chapters from addressing issues. The national body also faced challenges with some key figures. Some advocated for disciplinary measures, while others called for reconciliation.”

He further elaborated, “The nature of anti-party activities varies from one location to another. For instance, failing to participate in voting despite being a party member constitutes anti-party behavior, as voting is crucial for the party’s success. Conversely, publicly declaring support for another party at a polling station is a more severe form of anti-party conduct.”

Hyat emphasized the autonomy of state chapters in addressing such issues, stating, “Politics is inherently localized, so state chapters have the prerogative to address matters according to their unique circumstances. State chairmen will take decisive actions, and names of individuals they are unable to discipline will be forwarded to the national body, as stipulated in the party’s constitution.”

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