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There is pressure on me not to develop Benue – Alia

Benue State Governor, Hyacinth Alia, has emphasized that the state lags behind in development compared to the other 19 states in northern Nigeria. Speaking during a Ramadan fast-breaking event with Muslim faithful in Makurdi on Friday, Alia pledged to change this narrative by implementing transformative projects aimed at elevating Benue to a position of prominence among its peers nationwide.

“Among the 19 northern states, Benue ranks among the least developed. It is only now that we are beginning to install solar streetlights,” remarked Alia. Undeterred by challenges, he affirmed his commitment to infrastructure development, education, salary payments, and provision of essential amenities like streetlights.

Addressing concerns raised by critics, Alia emphasized his dedication to serving the interests of the people who overwhelmingly voted for him. “The masses of Benue elected me with unprecedented support, and I owe it to them to prioritize their welfare,” he asserted. Encouraging youth engagement in agriculture, Alia urged them to embrace farming opportunities and assured government support through cooperative initiatives and capital assistance.

Earlier in his sermon, Chief Imam of Benue, Malam Umar Garba, invoked blessings upon Governor Alia and the people of Benue. Recognizing the significance of leadership in societal prosperity, Garba affirmed Alia’s God-fearing leadership as instrumental in fostering divine blessings upon the state.

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