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How Wizkid set social media ablaze with attacks on Davido, Don Jazzy, others

The social media sphere erupted earlier this week as Wizkid, the renowned singer, directed controversial remarks at his long-standing rival Davido and esteemed producer Don Jazzy. Wizkid’s tweets, which emerged in the early hours of Monday, April 29, 2024, became the focal point of discussion within the entertainment industry for the entire week. Saturday Beats delves into the fluctuating relationship between the ‘Pakurumo’ crooner and Davido, along with other notable figures he has clashed with over the years.

Endless Feud with Davido
The ongoing feud between Wizkid and Davido is no secret within the music industry and beyond. Wizkid’s recent social media activity, notably a video depicting Davido in a vulnerable state, kneeling and seemingly pleading, drew sharp criticism from industry insiders and fans alike. Wizkid posted the embarrassing footage, originally surfacing on the internet weeks prior, in response to a fan’s request for new music.

Wizkid insisted that his fans must implore him for a new song in a manner akin to Davido’s apparent supplication in the video before he would entertain their request. However, he didn’t stop there. He also aimed ‘shades’ at Peruzzi, an artist signed to Davido’s label, insinuating that Peruzzi, believed to have penned many of Davido’s hits, was reliant on others for his success.

In response, Peruzzi challenged Wizkid to swear that he never sought his assistance. Davido also chimed in, labeling Wizkid a “sick man” and, in a since-deleted tweet, accusing him of domestic violence. Continuing his Twitter spree, Wizkid didn’t hesitate to target Don Jazzy.

A fan suggested that Wizkid address a comment made by Ladipoe, a rapper signed to Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records. The previous day, Ladipoe had tweeted about Nigerian rappers witnessing the rise of afrobeat artists. Wizkid insinuated in his response that Don Jazzy was merely an influencer, sparking outrage among fans who felt Don Jazzy deserved more respect.

Fans Question Wizkid’s Actions
Wizkid’s tweets left many bewildered, given his infrequent social media activity. Speculation arose regarding the motivation behind his sudden penchant for controversy, with some attributing it to personal struggles, particularly the loss of his mother. Others speculated that he orchestrated the uproar to promote his upcoming album, named after his late mother, ‘Morayo’.

Bromance Turned Sour
Wizkid and Davido’s relationship has been marked by a rollercoaster of highs and lows throughout their careers. Though they seemingly reconciled at times, their rivalry often resurfaced. Notably, when Davido lost his son in 2022, Wizkid offered condolences and even paid tribute to him during a performance in the US. Similarly, when Wizkid lost his mother in 2023, Davido expressed sympathy.

However, tensions persisted, with social media spats and public jabs characterizing their dynamic. Despite moments of camaraderie, their rivalry remains a prominent fixture in the music industry.

Wizkid’s Departure from Afrobeats and Controversial Remarks
Wizkid’s departure from the afrobeats genre, as declared in March, stirred controversy. He announced that his forthcoming album would not feature afrobeats songs, urging fans of the genre to steer clear. Additionally, his assertion that rap was a dead genre in December 2022 garnered backlash.

History of Social Media Tiffs
Wizkid’s history of social media spats includes clashes with prominent figures like blogger Linda Ikeji and fellow artist Dammy Krane. These incidents underscore the complex and often contentious nature of his interactions within the industry.

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