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Dunamis Pastor Paul Enenche Claims Miraculous Rice Multiplication After Tithing

Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja, recently sparked controversy with his claim that a bag of rice he bought for his family started multiplying after his wife tithed one-tenth of it.

Enenche recounted that after his wife gave a portion of the rice as tithe, they continued consuming the remaining rice, but it kept increasing. The phenomenon frightened his wife, leading her to give away the rest of the rice.

He explained, “When my wife and I got married, she would tithe our food. She would set aside one-tenth of the food and give it away. One day, we had rice that wouldn’t run out. The more we used, the more it increased. She became scared and gave away the rest. She exclaimed, ‘What kind of food is this that would not finish?’”

Enenche also shared that he has been paying tithes since his university days and continues to do so. As a student, he received a monthly allowance of N30 and consistently paid a tithe of N3.

He emphasized that his practice of tithing was not motivated by his pastoral aspirations but by biblical teachings. “We have been practitioners of this since 1986, starting from my time in higher education. I received N30 monthly and paid a tithe of N3. This practice has continued without fail. I learned it from scripture, not because I aimed to become a pastor. When a person has evidence, they are not swayed by those who argue,” Enenche said.

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