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Institute Urges Nigerian Government to Establish Ministry of Family Affairs

In celebration of International Family Day, the Institute of Family Engineering and Development has called on the Nigerian government to create a Ministry of Family Affairs to foster and uphold family values.

During the 8th African Family Life Delegate Conference held at Muson Centre in Onikan, Lagos State on May 15, 2024, the institute’s founder, Praise Fowewe, stressed the importance of such a ministry.

Fowewe argued that it would help preserve the rich values of African family life and strengthen the Nigerian family structure, which is being influenced by digitalisation, globalisation, and urbanisation.

He explained, “Leaders come from families, and the family structure shapes them. If we don’t raise wholesome individuals within families, they cannot become wholesome leaders.

Empathy must be nurtured at home for it to be exhibited in leadership roles. While Nigeria has ministries for youth and justice, we lack a dedicated Ministry of Family Affairs, which is crucial for our nation’s development.”

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