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Oyo speaker dismisses rumours of suspension of 11 lawmakers over alleged disloyalty

The Speaker, Oyo State House of Assembly, Adebo Ogundoyin has dismissed rumours of plans by the state legislature to suspend some members over alleged disloyalty.

The speaker who stated this on Thursday while addressing the plenary, noted that suspending any member would only create a vacuum that would make the electorate and the constituents suffer.

He harped on the need for all members of the 10th state House of Assembly to prioritise the needs of their constituents above any other personal interests.

“It has come to my attention that we have concluded plans to suspend the so called erring members of the 10th Oyo State House of Assembly, and I want to assure you that this is not true.

“We are elected to serve our constituents, and we must prioritize their needs above our own interests. Suspending any member would only create a vacuum that would make our electorates suffer, and we cannot allow that to happen.”

The speaker said some false news and rumours being peddled around in the last few days by some members under whatever guise or group were capable of creating unnecessary tension and causing avoidable conflict.

“I stand before you today to address the events of the past week or so, which have been marked by unnecessary tension and division. Some members have chosen to portray themselves as a unity or dissident group, and in doing so, have created a seemingly toxic atmosphere in this House.”

“Their actions have put us in a bad light and have presented the so-called aggrieved members as being out of touch with the priorities of our constituents.”

“Let me remind you all that we have come to this House to serve and represent our people, not to pursue personal interests or agendas.”

“We have a sacred responsibility to work together for the betterment of Oyo State and its citizens. We must not allow petty squabbles and selfish ambitions to derail us from our noble mission.”

“I urge my fellow lawmakers to avoid sponsoring false news and casting aspersions on the leadership of the House. We must work together and avoid bickering and unfounded rumors. This House will not be distracted from its constitutional responsibilities and duties.”

“The Media is a powerful tool for good or bad hence we must be careful not to use it to spread falsehood or fuel division. Instead, let us use it to inform, educate and enlighten our constituents on the good work that we are doing.”

“We need to focus on the task at hand and work in unison to deliver on our promises to the people of Oyo State. We cannot allow personal interests to derail us from our duties.”

“It is not business as usual, and we must rise above petty politics to serve our constituents with integrity and dedication. Let us put our constituents first and work together to build a better Oyo State for all.”

The Speaker appealed to his colleagues to be mindful of the sensitivity of their words and actions.

“We must be aware of the impact our statements can have on our colleagues, on our constituents and on the stability of this House.”

“We must work together, even in the face of disagreement in order to achieve greater things. Let me say here that, no member(s) will be victimised or deprived their rights and entitlements as duly elected members of this honourable Assembly.”

Ogundoyin, then called for harmony and collaboration between the legislature and all other arms of Government.

“Let us avoid issues that could pitch the State Executive against the Legislature, and be wary of the antics of external influences whose major aim is to cause disunity and destabilise the House.” the Oyo speaker said.


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