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Oyo Governor Seyi Makinde Approves Immediate Recruitment of Healthcare Professionals

Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde has approved the immediate recruitment of doctors, nurses, consultants, and other healthcare professionals in the state.

Akin Fagbemi, Chairman of the Hospitals Management Board, announced this decision following a meeting with the leadership of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) in Ibadan, the state capital. This move aims to address urgent concerns raised by healthcare workers.

Fagbemi said, “The governor has approved the immediate recruitment of consultants, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This decision directly tackles the staffing shortages in hospitals and healthcare centers across the state.”

He praised the governor for promoting transparency and accountability within the health sector, which aligns with the core values essential for quality healthcare services.

On May 21, 2024, the state chapter of NANNM had ordered its members to embark on an indefinite strike due to the government’s lack of response to its eight-point request. Fagbemi noted that the governor’s decision has been commended by various stakeholders, recognizing his commitment to prioritizing the health sector and providing quality healthcare for the state’s residents.

Fagbemi expressed gratitude for the governor’s proactive steps in addressing healthcare workers’ concerns, emphasizing the governor’s dedication to improving healthcare services in the state.

He pledged full support and cooperation with the Ministry of Health in implementing necessary changes and initiatives to benefit residents. He also assured union leaders that, in addition to the approved and already paid hazard allowance and the immediate recruitment efforts, other issues raised are being thoroughly addressed, as evidenced in the meeting.

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