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Workers Day: ASUU urges Nigerians to remain valiant amid challenges

The chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, University of Ilorin branch, Alex Akanmu, on Wednesday, urged Nigerians to remain confident despite the challenges facing them, while calling on the government to prioritize the nation’s economic growth.

Akanmu made the call in his message on the commemoration of the 2024 Workers Day.

He, however called on the government to take necessary actions in order to boost the nation’s declining economy.

He said “Inspite of all these, our hope in a great country is undaunted and we call on all not to lose hope. It is however instructive to take the advantage of a day such as this to call on the government to do the needful in saving the failing economy.

“This year worker’s day came with lots of sober reflections. The day ordinarily is meant to be for jubilation and rejuvenation of commitments to wanting to do more, but morale is low and dedication is gradually deteriorating.

Akanmu emphasized the challenges being faced by Nigerians, stating that it is “enormous and quite disturbing.”

He said living wages barely cover the frequently increasing cost of goods and services and basic amenities are seen as luxuries to the common man.

The ASUU chairman noted that the rhetorics of renewed hope has become tiring, adding that “The government and in particular, President Bola Tinubu must be told that things are not okay any longer in this country.

“The hike in electricity tarrif and fuel crisis that greeted the week has caused many homes serious pains and economic hardship.

“It is also the week of paying school fees for parents and all have become debtors with no assurance of repayment. You can be sure of no food in many homes this morning.”

Akanmu applauded the courage and patriotism of the Nigerian workers, stating that “while greedy politicians go home with commonwealth and even prepare in advance for their children, our salaries are perpetually subjected to debate with no encouraging outcomes. One thing is certain, in our unity, we shall overcome.”


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