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N40,000 in 2015 equivalent to N500,000 now -Dagogo

A former member of the House of Representatives, Dagogo, has expressed deep concern about the current state of living in Nigeria, describing it as “grim”. In a statement issued on Saturday, he lamented that the purchasing power of the average Nigerian has drastically decreased, with the value of N40,000 in 2015 equivalent to over N500,000 in 2024.

Dagogo attributed this economic downturn to “anti-people and inhuman” policies, which have led to a significant decline in the standard of living. He noted that what could buy 10 bags of rice in 2015 can now only buy one, and yet, people’s salaries and wages have not increased proportionally.

The former lawmaker urged the government to take concrete steps to address the suffering of citizens, rather than making empty promises. He called on the government to “walk the talk” and renew the hope of Nigerians, rather than perpetuating hardships and suffering.

In his Eid-ul-Adha message to Muslims across the country, Dagogo acknowledged the sacrifices made by Nigerians over the past year and encouraged them to hold on to hope for better times ahead.

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