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Labour asks FG to unveil new minimum wage May 1

In anticipation of Workers’ Day 2024, organized labour in Nigeria has outlined its expectations, emphasizing the need for significant improvements in workers’ welfare, including the announcement of a new minimum wage by the Federal Government.

Tommy Etim, the National Vice President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), likened Workers’ Day to Christmas Day for Nigerian workers, highlighting the importance of the occasion. He expressed concern over the impact of government policies that have contributed to an increase in poverty levels among Nigerians.

Etim stressed the importance of addressing the weakened purchasing power of workers, calling for the rollout of incentives to mitigate the effects of these policies. One of the key expectations from the government is the announcement of a new minimum wage, which workers eagerly anticipate. Additionally, there is hope that the long-promised Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses will finally be launched, providing much-needed relief to commuters.

Meanwhile, organised labour, represented by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and TUC, has demanded a new minimum wage of N615,000 for workers in the country. This demand follows extensive consultations by both unions, with the aim of improving the living standards of workers.

While the proposed minimum wage stands at N615,000, there is a possibility of further increases, particularly in light of recent hikes in electricity tariffs. The unions have communicated their stance to the government through relevant channels, emphasizing the urgency of addressing workers’ concerns.

As preparations for Workers’ Day continue, labour remains committed to advocating for the rights and welfare of workers across Nigeria. The occasion serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing labour issues and ensuring fair treatment and compensation for all workers in the country.

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