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Family sends SOS to IGP over officer who shot man to death in Lagos

LAGOS—The grieving family of one Toheeb Eniafe, who was shot dead by an officer of the Nigeria Police Force on May 1, 2024, in Obalende area of Lagos State, has asked the Inspector General of Police, IGP, to hasten the investigation into the death of their son (Toheeb) as the family was no longer comfortable with unnecessary delay in their investigation.

Toheeb was allegedly shot by the fleeing police officer at the premises of the NNPC filling station located at Obalende roundabout in Lagos, on the orders of another officer, Omeje Christian, who was apprehended and handed over to the police authority.

Addressing the newsmen in Ikeja, Lagos, weekend, the family, which spoke through Mr. Noheem Eniafe, raised the alarm over the delay, asking the IGP to order a thorough investigation to unmask the officer who shot unarmed Toheeb.

Noheem said there was no indication of progress in the investigation almost two months after the incident, saying the delay was making the action of police ‘look like a cover-up to protect one of their own.’

“The police authorities have not provided any vital information to the family of the deceased. We are asking for justice for the deceased. The deceased aged parents are pleading to all the authorities, government, and both local and international human rights organisations to come to our aid. “

Also, the Vice Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Mr. Wale Giwa, who witnessed the incident recounted, “The incident occurred about 8p.m., on the sad day, Officer Christian and his fleeing colleague had led two Toyota Hilux vehicles into the petrol station through the exit gate, thus blocking customers from leaving after their purchases.

“While one of the vehicles was attached to two armed mobile policemen, the other was not. The hindrance caused by the Hilux vehicles preventing motorists from exiting the filling station elicited uproar from all present. Within the intervening period, Officer Christian and his unidentified colleague dashed away briefly, only to return on a motorcycle with a loaded rifle hanging from the latter’s neck.

“Upon the order of Officer Christian to shoot at any resistance, the unidentified policeman opened fire, and his shot hit Toheeb, who slumped and died, while another shot hit one of their Toyota Hilux vehicles, which burst into flames.

“Following the shooting, some good samaritans apprehended Officer Christian and handed him over to the police while attempting to flee, but his unidentified trigger-happy colleague had made it away by then. Other people scrambled to revive a lifeless Toheeb just as petrol attendants mobilised to push the burning vehicle away from the premises to avert another disaster which may result in the burning of the petrol station.”


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