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60 Reps demand immediate resignation of PDP chair, Damagun

… accuse him of anti-party activities, serving interest of APC

… accused Damagun of plot to impeach Rivers State Governor, Fubara

A group of 60 federal lawmakers from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), forming the opposition lawmaker’s coalition, has issued a stern ultimatum, threatening to leave the party unless certain demands are met regarding the alleged manipulation of Local Government Caretaker Committees in Rivers and 10 other states, purportedly filled with members and supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Accusing the PDP chairman of engaging in anti-party activities, the lawmakers claim there are intentions to hand over the party to the APC.

They demand the immediate resignation of the acting chairman of PDP, Umar Damagun, in favor of a North Central representative to serve as acting chairman until the party’s convention is conducted in line with the party’s constitution.Speaking at a press conference, the group’s spokesperson, Hon. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, alongside other coalition members, emphasized their unwillingness to remain in a party whose affairs are influenced by another political party.

They allege that Damagun, the acting chairman of PDP, is collaborating with the APC, citing instances where the list of Caretaker Committee members in Rivers state was allegedly doctored in favor of APC interests.

Furthermore, they accuse Damagun of sanctioning a plot to impeach the Rivers State Governor and assert that it is the turn of the North Central region to produce the chairman of the party, as stipulated in the PDP constitution’s zoning formula.The coalition outlined a series of demands, including Damagun’s immediate resignation, reversal of the tampered Caretaker Committee lists, and an investigation into the alleged funding of PDP by pro-APC supporters. They also called for the expulsion of party members engaged in anti-party activities and emphasized the need for a credible leader from the North Central to assume the party’s chairmanship.

Failure to address their grievances would lead the coalition to suspend its participation in party activities and seek alternative political affiliations. Additionally, they expressed concern over attempts to involve the judiciary in what they describe as unconstitutional actions, urging relevant authorities to prevent any misuse of legal processes.

The group reiterated its commitment to upholding democratic principles and maintaining peace amidst the political turmoil, urging all stakeholders to join efforts in addressing the ongoing crisis in Rivers State and safeguarding the nation’s democratic institutions.

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