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We’ll never denigrate Jesus Christ – FIRS apologises to CAN over Easter message

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has issued a formal apology to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) regarding its Easter message, which was perceived as offensive by the Christian community.

CAN had expressed concern over an Easter advert shared by FIRS on social media, which featured a picture of a Point of Sale machine accompanied by the caption, “Jesus paid your debts, not your taxes.”

This post sparked criticism from Nigerians, particularly Christians, prompting FIRS to address the issue. In a statement, FIRS clarified that the message was not meant to disrespect Jesus Christ or diminish the significance of Easter. Instead, it was intended to creatively engage taxpayers and emphasize the importance of fulfilling civic duties, including tax payment.

The statement from FIRS acknowledged the unintended interpretation of the message and expressed regret for any offense caused. FIRS emphasized its commitment to respecting all religions and ensuring that its communications do not offend the sensibilities of any faith group. The agency reiterated its objective of collecting revenue for the country’s development and offered sincere apologies to CAN and Christians who were offended by the message.

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