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FG should engage monarchs for palliatives distribution — Oluwo

On Monday, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwo, generously distributed grains to elderly and vulnerable individuals within his domain, emphasizing the importance of involving traditional rulers in delivering palliatives to impoverished Nigerians. During his visit to various compounds in Iwo, including the Molaasan Royal Compound, he personally distributed 5kg bags of rice and cash to numerous vulnerable residents, underscoring that monarchs would ensure fair distribution without discrimination.

Expressing concern that many of the Federal Government’s interventions following the fuel subsidy removal were not reaching the underprivileged, Oba Akanbi highlighted the pivotal role of traditional rulers as intermediaries between the government and the people.

He stressed the importance of direct engagement, citing his own visits to people’s homes as evidence of the monarchy’s grassroots connection.

Reflecting on his recent meeting with the President at Aso Villa, Oba Akanbi commended the government’s plans for national rejuvenation, acknowledging the initial challenges but expressing optimism for eventual relief.

He called for solidarity among citizens, urging the affluent to support the less fortunate to foster collective growth and combat corruption.

When asked about the possibility of the Federal Government channeling palliatives through traditional leaders, Oba Akanbi affirmed the efficacy of such an approach, citing the direct reach and sincerity inherent in traditional rulers’ interactions with their communities.

He reiterated his inclusive approach to distribution, emphasizing the warmth and appreciation shown by recipients.

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