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June 12: I will never disappoint Nigerians – Tinubu

Here is a rewritten version of the text:

President Bola Tinubu reaffirmed his commitment to Nigerians, stating that he will never abandon them in their time of need.In a nationwide broadcast to commemorate Nigeria’s 25th anniversary of democracy.

President Tinubu urged Nigerians to persevere through the challenges of economic reform, assuring them that these measures are necessary to put the country on a solid economic footing.”I will always listen to the people and never turn my back on you,” he promised.

The President also updated the nation on the recent talks with organized labor on a new national minimum wage, revealing that the government negotiated in good faith and will soon present an executive measure to the National Assembly to ensure the agreed-upon salary for the next five years or less.

He emphasized the importance of both political and economic democracy, urging the nation to continue striving for a brighter future.

Acknowledging the country’s economic woes, he emphasized the need for change to provide a better platform for future prosperity.”To achieve national greatness, we must not take the easy road,” he said. “We must take the right one.

As Franklin Roosevelt once said, ‘There are many ways of going forward. But only one way of standing still.'”The President called on Nigerians not to be complacent, but rather to strive for a better future.

He noted that democracy and its institutions offer a path to achieving this goal.”Let us board this progressive train together,” he urged. “Let us move Nigeria forward.

Let us keep the fire of democracy burning and keep the torch lit for generations to come.”

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