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OLUFON STOOL: Ruling House accuses First Class Monarch in Osun of Frustrating Selection Process

• Commend Government Officials, Kingmakers for Upholding Fairness

A first class traditional ruler in osun state has been accused of meddling into the process of selecting the new OLUFON of Ifon-Osun by one of the ruling houses contesting for the vacant stool, thereby hindering the conclusion of the selection process by the kingmakers.

The traditional ruler who was accused of using his closeness to top state government officials of attempting to influence the decision of the kingmakers of OLUFON stool to further delay the selection process in order to give undue advantage to one of the ruling houses due to his close relationship with one of the female members of the said ruling house.

“Last week, the kingmakers were supposed to resume the selection process and formally conduct nomination proceedings but it was cancelled because one of the big Kabiesi in the state used his influence to stop the process. The Kabiesi is a friend to one Alhaja Fatima (who sells Jewelry at Gbagi market in Ibadan) from one of the ruling houses in Ifon and he is very close to the powers that be in the state.” a source who pleaded anonymity disclosed.

“The reason for stopping the process is to delay it and corrupt the kingmakers to favour the Alhaja Fatima’s family, but we are happy that the kingmakers have refused to be compromised. They have resisted all attempts to jeopardize the selection process. The nomination will take place next week as announced by the kingmakers.”

“Our only prayer now is that the big traditional ruler will allow the process to go on and stop trying to frustrate it because of his personal interest. Ifon is an independent town and should be allowed to choose her king by following due process.” He concluded.

The source extended appreciation to Governor Adeleke for his commitment to due process on the process of selecting the new OLUFON by allowing all the eligible ruling house to participate the selection process.

“The three ruling houses that went to court for not being included in the selection process have now been cleared to participate. We have to appreciate Governor Adeleke for his commitment to due process in the selection process so far. He is indeed a father figure for us and the Yoruba kingdom ” they concluded.

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