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Bichi Development Association Protests Dissolution of Emirate Council

The Bichi Development Association (Inuwar Masarautar Bichi) has raised concerns following Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s decision to dissolve the Emirate Council.

The association highlighted that the dissolution would result in over 3,000 citizens losing their jobs. They urged the state government and the state assembly to urgently reverse the repealed Emirates Bill, which facilitated the dissolution.

Engr. Bello Gambo, Secretary of Inuwar Masarautar Bichi, addressed the media on Tuesday, condemning the abolition of the five Emirates. He criticized the government and assembly for dismantling the councils without considering their significant contributions to the state’s development.

Bello expressed strong opposition to the government’s plans to appoint second-class Emirs or District Heads for their region, insisting that they want their Emir to remain in position.

“We completely reject any planned appointment of second-class Emirs or District Heads. Our Emir should continue in his role. We will not accept anything less,” Bello Gambo stated.

He added that the five Emirates were established to connect rural communities with the government and have successfully achieved these goals.

“We have witnessed how the Emirate Councils have curbed urban-rural migration and facilitated the enjoyment of democratic dividends in various ways. Visit Bichi to see how the Emirate Council has transformed the area into a thriving city, similar to Gaya, Karaye, and Rano.”

Bello concluded by stating that they are not merely requesting the continuation of the Emirates but are demanding it as a resolution.

“We are not begging the government to sustain our Emirates; we are insisting and pressuring them to allow the Emirates to continue. That is our firm resolution,” he declared.

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