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Queen Moremi Global Ambassador Empowers 125 People from Queen Moremi Ajasoro Indigenous Family

In a bid to uplift the lives of indigenes of Ile Ife, the Queen Moremi Global Ambassador, led by Queen Aderonke Ademiluyi (QMA), has embarked on a noble mission to empower 125 individuals from the Queen Moremi Ajasoro Indigenous Family (The Yekeres) under the leadership of Owa Yekere, Chief Oluwagbemileke Obisanya. This empowerment sponsored by the former First Lady of Ogun State and the Yeye Moremi of the Source, Olufunso Amosun, aims to create positive change and opportunities for the community.

The empowerment program, which marks the 4th edition of its kind, was unveiled in December 2020. It seeks to provide support and resources to deserving members of the indigenous family, acknowledging their unique heritage and contributions to the community. Through this initiative, Queen Aderonke Ademiluyi and her team are committed to fostering sustainable development and growth among the Yekeres.

The beneficiaries of the grants expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Chief (Mrs) Olufunso Amosun and Queen Aderonke Ademiluyi (QMA) for their generous contributions to the upliftment of their community. They emphasized the significant impact of such initiatives in improving their lives and empowering them to pursue their aspirations. Furthermore, they encouraged other well-to-do sons and daughters of Ile Ife to emulate this noble gesture and contribute to the betterment of their community according to their capacity.

The Queen Moremi Global Ambassador’s dedication to empowering communities and fostering development reflects a commitment to social responsibility and positive change. As the program continues to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities, it serves as a shining example of how collaborative efforts can create lasting impact and transform societies for the better.

Everyone appreciate the Custodian of Yoruba culture and tradition Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II who set up the Queen Moremi Ajasoro Initiative. May his days be long, and may God Almighty continue to guide and protect him more.

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