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It’s too early to threaten Nigerians with 2027 election, Hayab tells Northern Elders

Rev. John Joseph Hayab, former Chairman of the Kaduna State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), expressed his disapproval of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) for making premature threats regarding the 2027 election. Hayab’s statement, issued on Friday, conveyed his disappointment with NEF’s approach, which he deemed lacking in rationale.

Hayab specifically addressed NEF’s assertion that the North would not support Tinubu in the next election cycle, citing it as an example of premature and unsubstantiated speculation. He argued that such statements were untimely and failed to provide a compelling rationale. Moreover, Hayab contended that recent positive trends in the Naira-Dollar exchange rate suggested that Tinubu’s leadership may offer improvements over the current administration led by Buhari.

Drawing attention to recent events in Kaduna State, Hayab highlighted the swift rescue of the Kuriga school children as a positive development in addressing insecurity. He contrasted this with the prolonged ordeal faced by parents of children kidnapped from Bethel Baptist School, emphasizing the need for effective security measures and government intervention.

In addition to security concerns, Hayab urged NEF to focus on collaborating with the government to tackle other pressing issues such as hunger, economic improvement, and currency stabilization. He criticized NEF’s approach of issuing threats about future elections, suggesting that it reflected a lack of genuine commitment to national progress. Instead, he called for constructive engagement and cooperation to address the country’s challenges.

Overall, Hayab’s detailed critique of NEF’s position underscored the importance of thoughtful and constructive dialogue in addressing Nigeria’s complex socio-political issues.

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