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Mohbad’s lawyer threatens to sue singer’s father for defamation, seeks ₦200M

In a new legal document dated January 15, 2024, circulating online, Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba has been told to publicly retract the statement he made in an interview with TVC on January 10, 2024.

The document, from a law firm, states that it represents Mohbad’s lawyer, Oluwasanmi Falade, whose “reputation as an upcoming legal practitioner had been affected by Aloba’s malicious statements.”

The document highlights Aloba’s statement from the interview where he said, “They had to carry the body home for them to do evil things. Could you believe I met a lawyer inside that compound just for them to arrange what they wanted to arrange. I was so shocked when I heard that a 26 years old has a will. They had to collaborate with the lawyer to maybe put his hand to many things that is not right. A 26 year old now thinking of having his own will… Mohbad was not the kind of person that could ever think of saying that he wanted to use hand to stamp instead of signing. Because he is dead they had to call lawyer to do their own mathematics inside.”

Going on, the document asserted that Aloba’s statement “by the ordinary meaning, direct reference, or in innuendos, conveys to the ordinary public that Mohbad’s lawyer perpetrated forgery, misrepresentation, falsification, or collaborated with certain persons to present a fake will.”

Mohbad’s father was then given three days to issue a retraction of the statements he made, across social media platforms. Additionally, he has been told to issue a public apology within 14 days. The firm also threatened to sue Aloba for ₦200 million in damages, stressing that the issue would be sorted in the court of law if the conditions were not met at the stipulated time.

This comes after Mohbad’s management publicly revoked Aloba’s statement regarding the supposed will, asserting that the singer never signed or thumb printed on any will before his passing.

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