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Hold Davido responsible if anything happens to me – Tiwa Savage petitions Lagos CP over threats to life

Tiwa Savage, the Afrobeats singer, has reportedly petitioned the Nigeria police, alleging bullying and threats to her life by Grammy-nominated singer Davido.
It was reported that Tiwa Savage’s ex-lover and talent manager, Tee Billz has called out Davido over disrespect and constant bullying towards the mother of his child.

Detailing the incident in her petition, Tiwa Savage recounted an Instagram Story post on December 23rd featuring herself and Sophia Momodu which prompted Davido to send messages to her manager, accusing her of taunting him with disrespectful and derogatory words.

In her response, Tiwa expressed disappointment at Davido’s threats and reminded him of her unwavering support during crucial moments in his life, such as the loss of his son.

Following the fallout on that day, she reported receiving numerous calls and messages from mutual connections questioning her actions.

Tiwa attributed this scrutiny to her choice of maintaining a relationship with Imade’s mother, Sophia Momodu, sparking insinuations that she was the instigator.

She also asserted that Davido didn’t stop at direct messages; he extended his threats through mutual friends, transforming the situation into a distressing blend of online and offline harassment, not only affecting her but also by her team members.

In the petition filed by Tiwa Savage, she urged the police and the general public to hold Davido accountable if anything happened to her or any of her loved ones.

She petitioned in parts: “On the 23rd of December, I made a post which included myself and Sophia Momodu’s Instagram Story- a feature on Instagram which allows you to put up a post for twenty-four hours, and MR. DAVID ADELEKE sent messages to my manager who’s also part of his management team that I shouldn’t worry and should never say a word to him and that I was taunting him, uttering very đisespectful, malicious and derogatory words to my person.

“I responded to MR. DAVID ADELEKE’s message and told him not to reach especially as I feel like I have been there for him and his daughter, Imade, and more importantly when he lost his son. The events of that day have also led to a barrage of calls and messages from our mutual connections, asking me what I did to MR. DAVID ADELEKE that he’s upset that I chose to maintain a relationship with Imade’s mother, Sophia Momodu who he’s having issues with and also painting the exchange to look like I was the aggressor.

“He has also told our connections to warm me to “be careful in Lagos because he was going to f”k me up”. This is beginning to feel like some form of online and offline harassment not just to me but also members of my team. The actions of MR. DAVID ADELEKE is unethical and can be viewed as a direct threat to my rights to life, privacy, and dignity of my person”.

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