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Why Mohbad’s autopsy results haven’t been released -Management

The management of late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has revealed why his autopsy hasn’t been concluded.

In a statement shared on the late singer’s Instagram page, the management confirmed that the Nigerian Police authorities carried out the autopsy.

“The Police Authorities have conducted an investigation and have communicated that the autopsy results from samples sent abroad will take a couple of months before they are shared.

“We know that nothing can bring Imole back, but we have cooperated with the authorities to make sure that all parties involved get the clarity and closure that we need to be able to remember Moh and live as he lived in his last few months: drawing strength from his past, but happy, strong and looking forward to the future.”

They said they shared the updates and highlighted certain truths so that misconceptions and miscommunication do not persist.


On 21 September 2023, the Lagos Police Command confirmed the exhumation of Mohbad’s remains for autopsy, prompted by the circumstances surrounding his demise.

The Lagos Police spokesman, Benjamin Hundeyin, provided this information through his official communication channel.

Furthermore, Mr Hundeyin disclosed the arrest of the nurse accused of allegedly administering the fatal injection to the deceased singer.

Earlier in the investigation, a 19-member committee was established by the police to conduct a discreet inquiry, encompassing tasks such as exhumation, autopsy, scene examination, medical reports, and the compilation of suspects’ and witnesses’ statements.

The committee was tasked with completing their comprehensive investigation within a two-week timeframe.

Mohbad died without a will

The management of the “KPK” crooner also refuted claims that the singer left behind a will.

The management clarified that neither any members of Mohbad’s team nor his lawyer have communicated the existence of a will or any thumb-printed document.

They said the claim was false and urged the deceased’s family not to believe such information, advising the public to refrain from sharing false and misleading statements.

“We would like to state with certainty that if any such document did exist, it would have been duly registered with the Probate Registry,” the management stated.

The management also said a “Post No Debit order” was placed on all accounts owned and controlled by the late singer on 12 September 2023 and is still in effect.

Additionally, the management mentioned that the accounts will be transferred to the family once the internal dispute is resolved.

Mohbad’s father’s latest claim

Before the late singer’s management provided clarification, his father, Joseph Aloba, in an interview with TVC, revealed that he recently learned about his son’s will.

Expressing shock, Mr Aloba mentioned that as a father, he had never anticipated or known about his 27-year-old son having a will.

“I’ve never thought of writing my will. A 26-year-old boy was writing a will, which is capital no! So they had to collaborate with the lawyer to put his hands into many things that are not right,” he said.

Mr Aloba asserted that the will bore a thumbprint instead of a signature, contending that the thumbprints were affixed posthumously after the singer’s demise.

“Mohbad is the kind of person who will never think of using his hand to thumbprint. Instead of that, he will sign. Because he was dead, they had to call a lawyer to do their mathematics inside.

“I did not believe that. He cannot thumbprint, and he is supposed to sign. I, as his father, cannot even say I want a thumbprint. I have my signature, and he has his signature, too. Simply because they cannot trace him, they had to use his hand to thumbprint many things there.”

He also clarified the delay in Mohbad’s burial, attributing it to the need for DNA testing and autopsy results.

The delay, he stated, is to determine the cause of Mohbad’s death. He emphasised, “We are awaiting the essential DNA and autopsy results before attempting to proceed with the burial.”

Initially, Mr Aloba hastily buried his son but later sought forgiveness from Nigerians amidst criticism.


On 12 September 2023, MohBad died in Lagos, sparking numerous controversies as many demanded an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Naira Marley and Sam Larry, his former bosses, were arrested in connection with his demise, facing allegations of bullying and more.

The nurse who administered a Tetanus vaccine to him was apprehended on 19 September 2023 by the Lagos State Police Command after it was discovered that she was an unlicensed practitioner.

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