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Man Ordered to Sweep Court Premises for Theft in Kaduna

A Kaduna Chief Magistrates’ Court on Thursday sentenced Garba Aliyu to sweep the court premises for three weeks after he was found guilty of stealing a woman’s purse.

Prosecutor Inspector Chidi Leo reported that Aliyu had trespassed into Adanna Ebuka’s shop under the guise of buying a loaf of bread. While in the shop, he stole Ebuka’s purse, which was later recovered during a police investigation.

Aliyu, 30, pleaded guilty to the theft, leading to his conviction and sentencing. Magistrate Ibrahim Emmanuel remarked that Aliyu’s guilty plea saved the court time and noted that the punishment would have been harsher if he had not admitted to the crime. Emmanuel also took into account that Aliyu was a first-time offender.

Magistrate Emmanuel advised Aliyu to avoid such actions in the future, stressing that the court takes a strong stance against theft and similar offenses.

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