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BREAKING: Labour Declares Indefinite Strike Over Minimum Wage

The organised labour comprising the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) on Friday announced the commencement of a nationwide indefinite strike starting from Monday, June 3rd, 2024.

The action comes as a direct response to the deadlocked negotiations with the government over the proposed minimum wage and the recent controversial increase in electricity tariffs.

It was gathered that negotiations finally collapsed on Friday after 7th attempts by the 37 members tripartite committee to reach a definite new minimum wage figure for Nigerian workers.

The organised labour expressed frustration over the government’s lack of commitment and representation at the negotiation meeting on Friday.

Although the Federal Government at an earlier meeting this week shifted ground from the previous N57,000 to a new proposal of N60,000.

However, the organised labour again rejected the offer even though they reduced their demand from N497,000 stance of last week to N494,000.

At a briefing in Abuja, both the NLC and the TUC said there was no substantive ministers present at the reconvened meeting and that the representatives of the government at the meeting had no authority to make decisions.

The labour unions have expressed further disappointment with the government’s lack of seriousness and apparent disregard for the demands of Nigerian workers.

The absence of key government officials at the negotiation meetings has been cited as evidence of the government’s disinterest in resolving these critical issues.

Recall that the organised labour had issued ultimatum on May 1, 2024, where they lamented the absence of any meaningful progress from the government’s side.

The demands associated with the ultimatum included the conclusion of the minimum wage negotiations by the end of May and a reversal of the electricity tariff hike from N225/kwh to N65/kwh.

However, despite a nationwide protest on May 13th on the electricity tariff increment and widespread public outcry, the government’s response has been deemed by the labour as inadequate.

The NLC and TUC have emphasised that Nigerian workers, who form the backbone of the nation’s economy are entitled to fair wages that align with current economic realities.

They called on all affiliates, state councils, civil society organisations, market men and women, and the general populace to unite in demanding the government’s attention to the welfare of its people.

The labour unions have made it clear that they will not tolerate any further delays or excuses, asserting that the welfare of Nigerian workers and citizens are non-negotiable.


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