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Catholic priest, Rev Fr Andrew Obinyan, joins Edo state governorship race

Reverend Father Andrew Obinyan has joined the 2024 Edo State governorship race, pledging a commitment to serve the people and bring positive change to the state.

Addressing journalists at the Edo State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) press centre, Rev Fr Obinyan affirmed his decision to join the gubernatorial race in response to calls and pressure from various groups.

Emphasizing his readiness to serve, he highlighted his training and preparation as a Catholic priest, expressing his willingness to serve the people of Edo State.

“I received a series of calls from well-meaning Edo people and Nigerians across party lines beckoning on me to contest the forthcoming governorship election in our dear state.

“After very extensive consultation and consideration, I am pleased to inform you that I am giving Edo people and members of the movement an affirmative nod.

“And that means I have considered it and am very much available and ready to serve.

“As a priest, I am trained and equipped to serve and not to be served,” Rev Fr Obinyan stated.

However, the Catholic clergy has not yet disclosed the political party on whose platform he intends to contest the governorship race.

Jude Aigbona, Leader of the Rev Fr Obinyan Movement, urged Edo residents to consider allowing the priest to lead the state, emphasizing the clergyman’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Aigbona advocated for a transformative shift, expressing confidence that Rev Fr Obinyan’s leadership would bring about positive change akin to a new era for Edo State.

Another member of the movement, Basil Ogwu, said: “This movement cuts across all party lines. We didn’t just come to support him, but after much consultation, we discovered that he is credible. We have tried different kinds of people, but this time around, we want to give it to a religious leader.”

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