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Emirship Tussle: Kano Police urge peace, patriotism ahead of court’s ruling today

Kano State Police Command has issued a statement urging citizens to remain calm and peaceful as the Federal High Court prepares to hear crucial cases related to the Emirship controversy.

The command’s spokesperson, SP Abdullahi Jigawa, emphasized the police’s commitment to protecting lives and property while warning against any attempts to foment violence.

The police have partnered with other law enforcement agencies to enforce the state government’s ban on public protests, processions, and unauthorized gatherings.

Any individuals or groups that violate this ban will face legal consequences.To maintain public safety, the command will deploy sufficient security personnel throughout the area.

Residents are asked to cooperate with the authorities and provide any useful information that can help preserve peace and detect potential troublemakers.

Non-state actors, including vigilantes and hunters, are also cautioned against participating in security operations under any pretext.

By working together, we can ensure a peaceful resolution to this sensitive situation.

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