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Student loan: NELFUND to publish institutions with complete data June 24

The Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) has announced that it will publish the full list of institutions that have submitted their complete student data on June 24, 2024. This move aims to ensure transparency and encourage participation in the scheme by both undergraduate applicants and tertiary institutions.

According to NELFUND, many federal institutions have already completed the exercise, while the process of uploading data to the NELFUND Student Verification System (SVS) is ongoing for state-owned institutions. The fund emphasized that individual applicants’ details must be included in the institution’s submitted data set to enable automatic verification and ensure a seamless application process.

The fund warned that failure to verify applicant details would invalidate the application process and disadvantage applicants. Therefore, it is crucial that the information provided by tertiary institutions is not only complete but also accurate.

The Student Loans (Access to Higher Education) Act, 2024, was signed into law by President Bola Tinubu on April 3, 2024.

The Act empowers NELFUND to provide loans to qualified Nigerian students for tuition, fees, charges, and upkeep during their studies in approved public tertiary institutions and vocational and skills acquisition establishments in the country.

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