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Reps propose rotational presidency, six-year single term

A group of 35 lawmakers in the Nigerian House of Representatives, known as the Reformed-minded Legislators, has introduced a bill to alter the country’s constitution. The bill aims to reduce the cost of governance and promote stability by introducing a single term of six years for the President and state governors.

The bill also proposes the rotation of the presidency among Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, which would ensure equal representation and reduce the desperation and tempo of agitation for the creation of new states.

The lawmakers believe that this move would unite the country and promote unprecedented development.

Additionally, the bill seeks to create an office of two Vice Presidents, one from the southern and one from the northern part of Nigeria, with one serving as a succession vice president and the other as a minister in charge of the economy.

The lawmakers also propose amendments to ensure financial autonomy and accountability for local government councils, as well as prescribe long-term imprisonment for any misuse of local government funds.

On electoral reforms, the group proposes amendments to ensure that all elections are held on the same day, and that no declaration of a winner shall be made until the results are verified by electronic devices.

They also propose that all election-related documents and materials must be made available to those who participated in elections and who have reasons to question/petition the elections at the elections tribunal.

The bill also seeks to amend the Electoral Act to provide for the conduct and conclusion of all elections and election-related litigation within six months before the swearing into office of the validly elected person.

According to Ikenga Ugochinyere, the spokesman for the group, the bill aims to address Nigeria’s challenges by providing a framework for good governance. He emphasized that “we should not be afraid to meet and discuss our problems, challenges, fears, aspirations, and prospects as a people.”

Some members of the group spoke on their proposals, highlighting the benefits of a single term for elected officials and holding elections on a single day.

They argued that these reforms would promote stability, reduce costs, and allow elected officials to focus on governance rather than re-election.

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