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Crisis at Aces School: Father attacks teacher over alleged beating of daughter

A crisis erupted at Aces Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School in Abuja when a father, Muhammed Jimeta, assaulted a teacher, Sekinat Adedeji, for allegedly beating his daughter, Karima Jimeta.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.Sekinat Adedeji recounted that she was holding her three-month-old baby when Jimeta attacked her.

She teaches Karima, who is in basic three. “It happened around 12:30 pm on May 28, 2024.

I used a ruler on Karima’s leg because she and others were being disruptive and were asked to kneel,” Adedeji explained. “Karima insulted me using the term ‘wanka,’ which is an abusive word in Hausa.”

Adedeji added, “The father slapped me four times around 4 pm, after school had closed. His daughter reported the incident to him when he came to pick her up.

Karima often insults teachers and is not serious about her studies.”

A parent, Magdalene Ukuedojor, who witnessed the incident, said Karima frequently insults others and criticized Jimeta for attacking a nursing mother.

“The teacher was carrying her three-month-old baby in a carrier when Jimeta attacked her in front of the children.

Despite teachers begging him to stop, he continued until she ran out of the class,” Ukuedojor said.

Another parent added, “The teacher’s face was swollen, and she urinated on herself from the shock.

The father should have reported the issue to the school authorities instead of attacking the teacher.”When contacted, Jimeta claimed the teacher had been assaulting his child for weeks.

“This woman has been beating my child for a long time. I spoke to the school management before, but nothing changed.

This time, the marks and blood on her legs drove me crazy,” he said.The school owner, Aminu Kani, did not respond to inquiries.

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