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[UPDATE]: Nigerians adopt VPN as app restricts entry

Nigerians enthusiastic about the Tapswap crypto-mining app, which has taken the country by storm, have encountered a significant hurdle as access to the app has been restricted.

Reports on social media indicate that the site fails to load or complete transactions when accessed through Nigerian internet connections. However, users have discovered a workaround by using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass the apparent geoblocking.

Affected users are seeking explanations and solutions while expressing frustration and disappointment. Some have questioned whether Tapswap has intentionally targeted Nigerian users.

On, Ernest, who tweets as #AuthorHeaven_EW, wrote, “It appears that the popular crypto exchange Tapswap has made the controversial decision to block users from Nigeria.”

AuthorHeaven_EW added, “Users have now discovered a workaround – by connecting to the Tapswap platform through a VPN, Nigerians are able to bypass the apparent geoblocking. This suggests that Tapswap has deliberately chosen to restrict access for Nigerians, likely due to the President’s disapproval.”

Roman, tweeting with the handle #gentl_introvert, said, “Nigerians indeed abused #Tapswap. Now it has been banned in Nigeria. But why is it that any good thing that enters Nigeria must be banned? Could this be blamed on the government or Nigeria as a whole?”

However, Tapswap has issued a statement clarifying that the restriction is not specifically targeted at Nigerian users. According to the app, the verification requirement was implemented to counter DDoS attacks originating from the region.

“Dear Nigerian community, we’ve heard concerns about limiting access to users from your country, but we want to clarify that this is not the case. We had to enable verification for the region from where DDoS attacks were initiated. As promised, we will disable this once our infrastructure is fully adapted.

“We deeply appreciate every member of our community from all around the world and always welcome you here. Thank you for your understanding and support,” the company wrote on X.

Tapswap requires users to tap repeatedly on the icon in the center of the Telegram Tapswap bot screen to mine coins. The Tapswap frenzy followed the success of Notcoin, which had previously enabled many Nigerians to earn significant profits through crypto-mining.

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