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Nigerian Female Soldier Dismissed Over Theft of N35 Million Jewelry

A Nigerian female soldier has been discharged from duty after admitting to stealing gold jewelry worth N35 million from the wife of an army general she was attached to in Kaduna. Identified as Lance Corporal Jonah Comfort with service number 15NA/74/4422F, Comfort reportedly committed the theft earlier in May by entering the senior officer’s room and taking the jewelry.

She then sold the items to a jeweler in Kaduna for N5 million.

Army sources revealed that the incident was kept low-key by the authorities to avoid scrutiny into how the senior officer’s wife acquired such expensive jewelry despite being a homemaker.

The jeweler involved in the transaction has also been apprehended by military police.

One source disclosed, “The army authorities have been cautious about the matter because the general’s wife is solely a homemaker, raising questions about her possession of millions’ worth of jewelry.

The stolen jewelry valued at N35 million was just a fraction of her collection.”

The source added that Comfort had been observing the woman for some time before carrying out the theft.

Unfortunately for her, she was caught in the act and subsequently dismissed from service and detained.

This incident follows closely after the dismissal of three soldiers arrested by the police for armed robbery and kidnapping. The suspects, LCPL Abdul Musa, CPL Innocent Okwoli, and CPL West Isaac, were apprehended during a police operation in April and later handed over to the military for investigation.

They were tried, found guilty, and discharged from service in accordance with the Armed Forces Act Caps A20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, before being returned to the police for prosecution.

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