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Nnamdi Kanu Awaits Ruling on Bail Restoration and Custody Change

Today, at the Federal High Court in Abuja, Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Biafra nation agitators, awaits a crucial ruling on his plea for the restoration of revoked bail and a shift from Department of State Services (DSS) custody.

Justice Binta Fatimat Nyako is set to deliver the ruling following arguments from Kanu’s legal team and the federal government’s representatives.

Kanu, detained since 2021, asserts he fled for safety when his house was invaded by the military and seeks restoration of his 2017 bail. He also requests removal from DSS custody and unhindered access to legal counsel.

The federal government opposes Kanu’s requests, alleging breach of bail conditions and advocating for continued DSS custody.

Meanwhile, the Igbo diaspora urges Justice Nyako for fairness, emphasizing the importance of judicial integrity in Kanu’s trial.

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