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Nigerian Man Sentenced to Life in UK for Brutally Murdering Wife

Olubunmi Abodunde, a 48-year-old Nigerian man, has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the United Kingdom for the brutal murder of his wife, Taiwo Abodunde.

The attack, which involved a skateboard, occurred in November 2023 at their home in Newmarket, resulting in Taiwo’s death from catastrophic brain injuries.

Abodunde, who claimed his actions were influenced by medication, will serve a minimum of 17 years before being eligible for parole.

The tragic incident unfolded when Abodunde, despite being under bail conditions that prohibited contact with his wife following a domestic incident the previous day, returned to their home to retrieve a mobile phone.

Taiwo, a mother of three, was coming back from her overnight shift as a healthcare assistant when she was attacked.

According to the prosecutor, Stephen Spence KC, Abodunde knew his wife’s schedule. CCTV footage showed Taiwo arriving home at around 9:12 AM.

Shortly after, two officers visited the property to follow up on the previous day’s incident, knocking on the door at approximately 9:20 AM but receiving no response. Between 40 and 50 “thuds” were heard, believed to be Abodunde attacking Taiwo.

Police forced entry into the home at 9:45 AM, discovering Taiwo’s lifeless body with severe head injuries. A post-mortem examination confirmed catastrophic brain injuries consistent with being hit by a skateboard and stamped on.

The weapon was found at the scene covered in blood and fragments of Taiwo’s skull.

In court, Abodunde sobbed as the harrowing details were recounted. Described by his defense as a respected individual both in the UK and Nigeria, where he had served as a local councillor, Abodunde had a history of disputes with his wife over bills and money.

Judge Levett, who presided over the case, called the murder heartless, ruthless, and savage. He dismissed Abodunde’s claims of self-defense and noted that there was no evidence supporting Abodunde’s allegations that Taiwo had attacked him with a knife or tried to beat him.

Following the incident, Suffolk Police referred the case to the Independent Office for Police Conduct due to prior contact with the couple. Two officers are being investigated for gross misconduct, and another for potential breaches of professional behavior standards. The investigation is ongoing.

This sentencing underscores the severity of the crime and its profound impact on the community and the victim’s family.

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