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Delta Govt commences demolition of illegal structures on university lands

On Monday, the Delta State Government initiated the demolition of unauthorized structures erected on lands designated for Dennis Osadebay University, Anwai-Asaba.

During the demolition, Chief Frank Omare, the Chairman of the Task Force, stated that their mandate from the state government was to reclaim all government lands unlawfully occupied by individuals or organizations throughout the state.

Responding to complaints from students residing in the demolished buildings, Omare emphasized that their supposed landlords should have informed them about the situation. He revealed that despite prior notices, some unscrupulous landlords had recently collected a year’s rent from students. He assured that alternative accommodations had been arranged for affected students by the university authority.

Omare highlighted that the area being cleared was originally intended for the Faculty of Agriculture of Dennis Osadebay University. Over a thousand individuals had encroached upon the land, constructing illegal structures with unauthorized approvals. Notices to vacate the land were issued five months ago to allow occupants adequate time to relocate.

He emphasized the government’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and preventing land encroachment. Omare warned that similar actions would be taken against illegal structures at the Federal College of Education Technical Asaba.

Professor Robert Oghenedoro Dode, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academics and Research at Dennis Osadebay University, expressed astonishment at the audacity of land encroachers. He affirmed that the land belonged to the university and commended the government’s intervention.

Prof. Chukwuji Christopher, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Administration, urged illegal occupants to vacate the premises, emphasizing that there was no agreement between them and the university regarding the unauthorized structures.

He warned against engaging in transactions involving government land, reiterating that the government’s authority was paramount.

The demolition followed the expiration of notices served to the illegal property owners.

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