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TikTok Permanently Bans Nigerian Man’s Account After 24-Hour Buried Alive Challenge

Young C, a Nigerian individual, has faced a permanent ban on TikTok after embarking on a daring 24-hour challenge of being buried alive. The short video platform confirmed the account’s unavailability upon checks by our reporter.

The challenge sparked considerable attention on Wednesday as Young C sought to spend a full day buried alive in a coffin, reminiscent of a similar feat by American YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) aimed at raising awareness about deforestation.

MrBeast’s prior challenge lasted 50 hours, and he attempted to surpass it by spending seven consecutive days underground, enduring physical and mental trials before being unearthed.

In a Thursday Instagram update, Young C assured his followers of his safety, albeit mentioning running out of water and contemplating drinking his urine due to the lack of hydration.

Young C announced his challenge intentions on Wednesday, emphasizing its authenticity and dismissing any suggestion of a hoax. He also planned to livestream footage from the coffin overnight.

Despite discomfort after more than 8 hours underground, including excessive sweating, Young C remained resolute to complete the challenge, evident from a video showing his functioning camera and light inside the coffin.

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