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Ondo State Women Advocate for Female Deputy Governorship Candidates

With the gubernatorial elections in Ondo State slated for November 16, women’s groups in the state are urging political parties to prioritize the selection of female candidates for the role of deputy governor.

Representing a coalition of women’s organizations in the state, the Ondo State Women Group expressed dismay over the perceived sidelining of women in the state’s political landscape. This call to action was formalized in a communique issued following the group’s inaugural meeting, titled “Advocating for Gender Balance and Inclusivity.”

Mrs. Adebimpe Adeniyi, the state Chairperson of the National Council for Women Societies and a prominent figure within the group, presented the communique on behalf of its members.

In the document, the women urged all political parties participating in the 2024 governorship election in Ondo State to nominate female candidates as their deputy governors. They also emphasized the necessity for an increased budgetary allocation for the state Ministry of Women Affairs.

The communique emphasized the steadfastness of their legitimate demands until they are met by all political parties in the state. It criticized the incongruity of advocating for inclusivity while marginalizing women, deeming such practices unacceptable.

Drawing attention to the precedent set by other Nigerian states where women have held the position of deputy governor, the women highlighted the absence of such representation in Ondo State, despite its reputation as the intellectual nucleus of the South-West region.

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