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NCoS Recaptures 19 of 119 Escaped Inmates from Suleja Custodial Centre

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has made significant progress in apprehending escaped inmates from the Suleja Medium Security Custodial Centre, with 19 out of 119 recaptured thus far. This development follows the harrowing events of April 24, 2024, when heavy rainfall severely damaged the custodial center’s infrastructure, leading to the escape of over a hundred inmates.

NCoS spokesperson Abubakar Umar confirmed this information in a statement to our correspondent on Sunday, providing insight into the ongoing efforts to restore security and order at the facility. The escape, precipitated by a relentless downpour, caused considerable damage to the custodial center, including a breach in the perimeter fence that facilitated the inmates’ flight.

Initial efforts to apprehend the escapees resulted in the re-arrest of ten inmates on the morning of April 25, followed by the capture of an additional three later that evening. The urgency of the situation prompted Minister of Interior Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo to underscore the need for comprehensive reforms across the country’s 240-plus custodial centers during an inspection visit.

Further bolstering the recapture efforts, three more escapees were apprehended on April 29, bringing the total number of recaptured inmates to 19 as of the latest update provided by Umar on Sunday.

Despite this progress, questions remain regarding the delayed release of images and information concerning the remaining 100 fugitives. While a flash notice titled “Escapees Alert: Recent Escapees list from MSCC Suleja” was observed on the NCoS website, attempts to access the information yielded no response, suggesting potential technical challenges or constraints hindering communication efforts.

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