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Nigerian Doctor in UK Loses Medical Licenses over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A UK-based Nigerian doctor, Tijion Esho, has had his medical licenses revoked after being found guilty of engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with a patient in exchange for free Botox injections, according to reports from the Telegraph. Known for his expertise in cosmetic surgery and frequent appearances on popular TV programs such as ITV’s This Morning, BBC’s Morning Live, and E4’s Body Fixers, Esho admitted to an improper emotional relationship with a woman identified as Patient A.

During a hearing before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, Esho confessed to exchanging “inappropriate” sexual messages with Patient A on Instagram. Despite denying any physical sexual contact, the tribunal found evidence of sexual intercourse between Esho and Patient A at his clinic in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2021, alongside administering free Botox injections.

The tribunal also discovered instances of inappropriate behavior during consultations, including Esho making inappropriate comments about the patient’s appearance, stroking her hair, and allowing her to masturbate him during a consultation.

As a result of this misconduct, the tribunal ruled that Esho’s fitness to practice was impaired, leading to the removal of his name from the medical register. The tribunal’s full reasons for this decision are expected to be released soon.

In addition to the inappropriate conduct, exchanges of “inappropriate” messages between Esho and Patient A on Instagram were uncovered, further corroborating the doctor’s misconduct. These messages included explicit remarks and suggestions of sexual activity, indicating a pattern of inappropriate behavior.

While Botox injections are commonly used for cosmetic purposes to reduce wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles, they also have medical applications for conditions like migraines, hyperhidrosis, and eye problems. However, in this case, the administration of Botox was done inappropriately and as part of an exchange for sexual favors.

Overall, the tribunal concluded that Esho’s behavior was sexually motivated and constituted a breach of medical ethics. Despite the patient’s involvement in sex work via platforms like OnlyFans, the tribunal did not find her to be vulnerable due to her profession.

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