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Prominent Nigerian Journalist and Former Lawmaker, Alhaji Sidi Ali, Passes Away

Alhaji Sidi Ali, a seasoned journalist and former legislator during Nigeria’s Second Republic, passed away on Thursday. He was a revered figure within the All Progressives Congress (APC) elders committee in Kano State, contributing significantly to both the political and media landscapes.

The somber news was conveyed by former federal lawmaker Senator Shehu Sani via his official Facebook page on Thursday evening, marking the end of a distinguished chapter in Nigerian journalism and politics.

Ali’s impact transcended his personal achievements; he was also the father of Hakama Sidi Ali, recently appointed as the spokesperson for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Their family’s commitment to public service and involvement in various sectors underscored their dedication to Nigeria’s progress.

Throughout his career, Ali left a lasting imprint on Nigerian media. His tenure at esteemed institutions like the Nigerian International Press Centre, the Ministry of Information, and the National Broadcasting Commission showcased his enduring influence and dedication to the profession.

His passing not only signifies the loss of a respected journalist and lawmaker but also marks the conclusion of an era defined by commitment, integrity, and service to the nation. Alhaji Sidi Ali’s legacy will endure as a beacon of inspiration for future generations of Nigerian journalists and public servants.

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