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Ogun seals three religious centres for noise pollution

The Ogun State Government has taken action against three religious centers for violating noise pollution regulations and disregarding repeated directives from the government. Specifically, the affected centers are the Christ Apostolic Church in Gbogunmi, the Ambassador of Truth Assembly International, and Salvation Ministries in Adigbe, all located in Abeokuta.

According to Farook Akintunde, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement, despite numerous warnings and attempts at dialogue, these religious centers persisted in causing disturbance through excessive noise.

The Christ Apostolic Church in Gbogunmi, for instance, was noted for conducting loud vigils at night, with their loudspeakers positioned outside their premises, disrupting the peace of the surrounding community. Complaints from the community escalated to the extent of filing a formal petition against the church, citing adverse effects on the health of residents. Despite efforts to engage with the leadership of the church and persuade them to mitigate the noise pollution, no resolution was reached.

Similarly, the Ambassador of Truth Assembly International was found guilty of operating loudspeakers at inappropriate times, contributing to incessant noise pollution during their services. Salvation Ministries in Adigbe was also singled out for the unruly behavior of its worshippers, who reportedly resisted government officials during the sealing of the church.

Akintunde stressed the government’s obligation to safeguard the well-being of residents and warned against any attempts to obstruct officials from fulfilling their duties. He urged all religious centers to adhere to noise pollution regulations, emphasizing that the government would not hesitate to shut down any facility found guilty of violating these laws, regardless of its location within the state.

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