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Navy warns criminals to keep off Niger Delta

Commodore Abba Muhsin, the Commander of the NNS Delta, issued a stern warning to criminal elements, advising them to avoid its operational areas or face the consequences. The warning came on Saturday shortly after the quarterly route march conducted by the Command’s personnel.

The route march, which began at approximately 6:15 am, started at the Warri Navy base, proceeded through Okere Road, Airport Road, connected to the NPA expressway, and concluded at the Navy base.

Muhsin stated, “NNS Delta operational areas are not for criminals. We urge them to leave peacefully while law-abiding citizens conduct their legitimate business. As long as you choose to stay with us, we will catch you. Therefore, leave before the law catches up with you.”

Regarding the Route March, Muhsin explained that the exercise represents the Navy’s readiness, physical fitness, and the true military spirit of its personnel.

“This particular Route March falls within the core values of the Nigerian Navy, which are: teamwork, professionalism, and integrity. The Route March covers the teamwork aspect, which is experiencing the impact together.

“Both officers and ratings know what it means to endure, going through long distances without water as part of our training,” he added.

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