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N’Assembly delays resumption to April 30 for renovation

Once more, the National Assembly has opted to delay the resumption of plenary sessions, pushing it back to April 30th, in order to facilitate the comprehensive renovation of both main chambers. Originally scheduled to reconvene after the Easter and Eid recess on April 23rd, the Senate and the House of Representatives revised their decision on Thursday, leading to the rescheduling of the plenary resumption.

Chinedu Akubueze, the Clerk of the Senate, issued a notice informing lawmakers of the postponement and specifying that they would resume their activities in the main chambers. Since September 2022, both Houses have been conducting their sessions in temporary chambers due to renovation work initiated by the Visible Construction Company Nigeria Limited, which began in July 2022.

The notice emphasized: “Distinguished senators are hereby respectfully informed that resumption of plenary, which was earlier postponed to Tuesday 23rd April 2024, has further been postponed to Tuesday, 30th April 2024 at 11 am.” It also stated, “Kindly note that the plenary sitting will be held at the main chamber of the Senate. All inconveniences this postponement may cause distinguished senators are highly regretted, please.”

Similarly, Akin Rotimi, Chairman of the House Committee on Media, issued a statement indicating that the House would reconvene on April 30th. This delay aims to provide lawmakers with adequate time to complete the ongoing constitution review process.

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