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Dangote Slashes Diesel Price to N1000 per Litre

Dangote Petroleum Refinery has made headlines by announcing a substantial reduction in the price of diesel, dropping it from N1200 to N1000 per litre. This move follows a previous reduction, as the refinery had supplied diesel at N1200 per litre three weeks prior, which marked a notable 30% decrease from the previous market price of around N1600 per litre.

The refinery’s decision to lower diesel prices is anticipated to have a widespread positive impact across various sectors of the economy. By making diesel more affordable, it is expected to alleviate some of the economic burdens faced by businesses and consumers alike. Additionally, the reduction in diesel prices could contribute to a decrease in the overall inflation rate within the country.

This announcement reflects the refinery’s commitment to providing accessible and affordable energy resources to support economic growth and stability. As diesel is a crucial component in various industries, including transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture, this price reduction is likely to be welcomed by businesses and individuals across Nigeria.

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