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Osun poly student accuses lecturer of extortion, withholding result

A student at Oduduwa Polytechnic, Ile-Ife, Osun State, identified as Jesulayomi Adedini, has accused a lecturer named Ogunjana Adeolu of engaging in extortion and deliberately hindering her graduation from the institution.

According to reports, Adedini completed her final National Diploma examination in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality at the Polytechnic in July 2023, with Adeolu serving as the Head of the Department for the same course. Despite Adeolu denying responsibility for the delayed results in a telephone interview on Tuesday, Adedini remains adamant that the lecturer’s refusal to clear her final year project is an attempt to prolong her stay in school, despite having paid him N46,500 for the project.

Adedini claims, “He (Adeolu) has refused to release my results and projects, citing salary issues with the school management. Even though the school authority claims they have been urging him to release my project results, he has refused.” She alleges that Adeolu demanded various sums of money from her, totaling N46,500, for assistance with her project.

In response to the accusation, Adeolu denies responsibility for the delayed results but admits to receiving money from Adedini to assist with her project. He asserts, “Whatever is happening to her results is not my responsibility. She should address the management to resolve any issues. As for the money, she approached me for help with her project, and as her supervisor, I provided assistance.”

Efforts to obtain a statement from the polytechnic Rector, Siyanbola, have been unsuccessful as his mobile phone has been unreachable or experiencing poor network coverage since Tuesday.

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