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Abia to commence contributory pension scheme for civil servants

The Abia State government has unveiled its comprehensive plan to initiate a Pension Contributory Scheme (PCS) aimed at benefiting civil servants. Okey Kanu, the Commissioner for Information and Culture, shared this significant development following the state Executive Council (SEC) meeting held in Umuahia.

Kanu underscored the fundamental goal of the PCS, which is to ensure that pensioners are accorded a sense of belonging and are provided for adequately. One of the key reforms announced is the adjustment of the pension payment schedule, with pensioners now slated to receive their payments on the 28th of every month, aligning their disbursements with those of civil servants in Abia State.

Moreover, in a move to enhance the welfare of pensioners, the government has directed that henceforth, pensioners will be paid their monthly pensions in full, departing from the previous practice of partial payments. This decision reflects the administration’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of retired civil servants.

Recognizing the challenges often associated with pension arrears payments, such as omitted names or discrepancies, the Ministry of Finance has established a dedicated help desk. This proactive measure aims to address any issues promptly and ensure that pensioners receive the payments they are entitled to without delay.

Kanu reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to implementing the PCS, emphasizing that significant progress has been made in the preparations for its establishment. He expressed confidence that the transition to a contributory pension scheme will commence expeditiously, signaling a positive step towards enhancing the welfare and financial security of Abia State civil servants both during their service and retirement years.

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